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Verein Die Haarspender / The Hair Donators

The Non-Profit organisation "The Hair Donators" was founded by Holger Thomas Möller & Bettina Utczas in July 2016. The goal is to provide FREE perfect looking wigs, made out of donated human hair, for children which suffer hair loss,  because of chemotherapy threatment, alopecia or other diseases that  trigger hair loss, like trichotillomania or TRPS1.
We want to help those little heroes with perfect and natural looking wigs, in the first place we want to help familys who can`t afford a wig with real hair that costs up to 3000-4000 Euros on the market, but also if there is no wig at the market that fits good - we would help and make wigs with the exact head measurements of the childs head, using hair colours that match 100% the childrens wish. 

Our first goal would be to help 100 Children every year.

To reach that goal we need donated hair and money donations. The wig making process costs about 360 Euro for each wig. That is  why money donations are eqally important as hair donations.
Money donations can be made here via paypal or bank transfer.
We are the first an only organisation who provides pictures of every wig that is manufacured, also the first name and country flag of the Kid who receives the particular wig.
In the news section we post (whenever possible) pictures and infos about each wig handed over to a child.

Our wigs can be ordered via the online form at the wigs section for the age 4-19. Regardless of all the different health insurance groups, we work independent and non-profit. 
Currently we work at the countrys Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary. Other countrys will follow. If there are requests at other countrys near the mentioned - we will help too. 


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Our adress for hair donations


We recommend  - when donating strongly layered hair, to donate a minimum of 45cm to make sure every strand of hair meets the minimum length of 40cm we need.

Donating hair

Each "Haarspender" wig is manufactured from 3-4 donated Ponytails of healthy hair.

Every Person who has long hair can help us with cutting length off and donating it to our organisation.
The minimum requirement for the hair donation is 40cm, (about 15,7 inches). Altough really helpfull would be 45 or more centimeters of hair, since we want to make a really good looking wig for the girls who had at least shoulder length hair.
At the wig production, there will be about 10cm of hairlength lost during the processing of the wig, so every cm more is very helpfull to make a natural looking wig. 

If there is someone who can provide the 40cm now - we would be very happy if the person would let the hair grow out another 3-6 month to give the desired minimum length of 40cm.

Important! please send only dry ponytails. We got a few ponytails wet, wrapped in plastic. After 14 or more days on the way, we receive a moldy ponytail which cannot be used anymore :(

The Ponytail should be fixed with 2 or more hairties before cutting. Please make sure that the maximum amount of hair goes into the ponytail. For example if your new look will be a pixie, it would be dumb to cut the hair in a ponytail at the neck... we lose about 10 or more centimeters when its done this way. Best thing would be to make 5-10 tiny braids all around the head - near the new length of the upcoming haircut.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at

Thank You!!


What type of hair can be donated?  

.) Hair at a minimum length of 40cm
when donating layerd hair, please make sure most of the hair within the ponytail meets the minimum of 40cm. 

.) straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair - please measure the length of curly hair not drawn straight

.) natural without any chemical process (would be best)

.) dyed hair (as long as it is healthy)

.) highlighted hair (as long as it is healthy) 

.) hair dyed with henna colours (please no indigo/black colour)

.) healthy hair with some split ends (we can remove them)
.) ombre or balayage colored hair (no dip-dye)

.) hair that looks healthy without using massive conditioners and silicon oils.
.) ponytail cut long time ago - we can use hair up to 60 years old. If you are not sure, please contact us!

not usable
.) Dreadlocks
.) shorter hair than 40cm 
.) Ponytails with only a few strands meeting the required length - please let your hair grow a few month more before donating your hair.

.) frequently dyed or tintet hair in various colours 
.) white hair cannot be used
.) heavily chemically treated hair (from dark to light blond, or colour changes every month)

.) damaged hair from every day heat stylings 

.) colourful not natural looking hair dyes 

.) permed hair

.) chemically smoothed hair

.) afro Hair
.) hair that lays not 100% at the same growing direction (like hair that was took out from a brush, or hair that falls to the floor)
.) not healthy looking hair 

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